Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Happy first day of Namemas! Last year I started out with the girls so this year I am starting out with he boys. Like I promised in my welcome blog post I am going t be bringing you unique and unexpected Christmas names. 

Occupational Name
In German the surname Decker means roofer, carpenter, or builder. The reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus. Joseph, Jesus' earthly father, was a carpenter! What a discrete way to honor the religious side of the holiday. With occupation names being a trend for boys, Hunter, Sawyer, and Cooper are all in the top 100, I can see Decker catching on with time.

Name Wearers 
Rocekr Nikki Sixx named his son Decker Nilsson in 1995. When it comes to Decker as a surname you can find it on NFL Titans wide receiver Eric Decker and his country singing wife, Jessie James. They also have two children, Vivianne and Eric II, with another on the way. Because of the Decker family, when I hear the name I think of southern, preppy boy. 

If you are looking for a modern and discrete name for your Christmas baby, Decker is the way to go. I chose to include Decker in Namemas because it reminds me of decking the halls and the christmas song. After doing my research I realized the name also had a religious connection like I mentioned above. Not many people are going to get the associations right away, if at all. 

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Namemas {Vol 2}

How is it December already?! Better yet, how is Christmas right around the corner?! This year has really flown by faster than I could have ever imagined and I'm hoping I'm not the only one feeling this way. Before the year is over we have to celebrate Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwazaa, or any other holiday you celebrate). If you were around this time last year, whether it was as a blog reader or an instagram follower/instanamer, than you may remember Namemas, a 12 day Christmas name countdown. A bunch of namers participated in this fun challenge last year and since I loved it so much I wanted to bring it back this year! Starting December 13th I will be posting a Christmas inspired name for you over here on the blog as well as featuring it on my instagram.

This year I gave myself a little challenge. First, I would not be featuring any names I talked about last year and second I am going to use names that are unique or don't necessarily scream Christmas. You don't have to follow these rules are all! I just want to challenge myself.

If anyone would like to play along feel free to! I would love to read or hear or see what names you like for Christmas. All social media platforms are welcomed and don't forget to tag your pictures, tweets, blog posts or videos #namemas2017.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

13 Names for Friday the 13th 

Happy Friday! And happy Friday the 13th. Are any of you out there suspicious of today? I know I'm not but my dad is a huge believe in the date just like so many people out there. 

If you follow me on my name Instagram (which you all should!) then you know I have been participating in a name challenge I helped create with the dear Alexia Mae (@namesdaily). It has been such a fun and, at times, challenging month and it's not even half way over! Today's prompt was Friday the 13th. On my Instagram I have you two list, a boys and a girls, of 13 names given to 13 babies in 2016. 

I got to thinking more about today and names and I thought what names are out there that are associated with the number 13. So while I was sitting at work I was brainstorming ideas and researching during all my 5 minute breaks. 

1. Epiphany- In the Christian religion the three wise men came to visit Jesus on the 13th day of his life. It's called the Epiphany. 

2. Apollo- Apollo 13 is a NASA space mission that was an unfortunate failure. It goes perfectly with the unluckiness of the day yet has so many great connections. 

3. Ophiuchus- There are 12 known zodiac signs but here is also a 13th and that is Ophiuchus. It gained some attention in the early 2010s when they tried to change the zodiac dates. 

4. Jodie- I'm not a Doctor Who fan but I know there are a lot of doctors. The 13th doctor is Jodie Whittaker. 

5. Rhodes and Isla- Rhode Island was the 13th state of the United States and part of the original 13 colonies. 

6. Lace- The tradition wedding anniversary gift for the 13th year is lace. I love word names and this Lace is just sweet. 

7. Millard- Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States. You could even use Fillmore as a name. 

8. Baker- Baker's Dozen has 13 eggs or rolls. I follow a mom on Instagram with a little girl named Baker and I just adore it. 

9. Fox- Salt Lake City has a news channel called Fox13. There was even a baby born a few years ago on Friday the 13th with he name Fox. 

10. Knight- The Knights Templar was arrested on October 13, 1307 by King Philip IV of France. They were later tortured making this a nice connection to the bad luck of Friday the 13th.

11. Judas- Jesus had 13 apostles and the 13th was Judas. He was later replaced my Matthias so there's 2 names for you! 

12. Trece- The Spanish word for 13 is Trece. It'd make a nice middle name. 

13. Coven- In Wicca, covens usually have 13 members. 

I'm getting this post out to you just a little past midnight so technically October 14th. I was just so excited about this post I had to share.  


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