Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Penny: The Nickname

The name Penny brings about a few images when you hear it from the cooper coin to the Big Bang Theory. With Penelope being on the rise and at #34 in 2015 you can expect to see more Penny's running around. If you adore the nickname Penny but find Penelope too common there are plenty of names on this list for you.

Penelope- Weaver; Greek
When you hear the name Penny I am sure you think of Penelope. This beautiful name is one of my favorites. I often suggest Penelope as a middle name.

Aspen- Aspen Tree; English
Aspen covers a few naming themes. Its a nature name, place name, and unisex name. The leaves of the Aspen tree are heart shaped and so pretty.

Penrose- Top of the Heath; Cornish, Welsh
Penrose is an unisex name but with the rose ending I lean more towards the name on a girl. Its an ancient place name from Cornwall, Wales, and the Welsh border of England. Penny and rosie would make great nicknames.

Penna- Feather; Latin
If you are looking for a unique yet familiar sounding name than Penna is the way to go. It sounds very just like Jenna or any of the other Enna names out there. The name hasn't caught on int he United States yet.

Pennington- Pening Enclosure or Settlement Associated with a Man named Pinna; English
Remington, Arlington, and Kensington are all great and unusual names for both girls and boys. Pennington goes so nicely with the name. They are grand names but can be made more familiar with nicknames like Penny.

Persephone- To Destroy; Greek
Persephone would make a great alternative or honor name to Stephanie. They bout have similar sounds yet one is well used and the other is unique among unique. Penny may be a long shot of a nickname but I think it gives it a more common feel.

Spencer- Dispenser of Provisions; English
You will notice that there are a feel unisex names on this list. Spencer is currently not ranked not he top 1000 for girls making it an unique yet familiar name. Penny gives the name a little bit of spunk.

Independence- Freedom
You are probably thinking why would anyone name their daughter Independence?! Well I think the name is so unique that it is cool. There are also many nickname options like Penny, Indie, and India. Its a great name to use to show your American pride.

Penka- Stone; Bulgarian
Penka is a feminine form of Peter making this a great honor name. Its unique but easy to say. I really enjoy the look of this name and how it seems to be made up but in reality it isn't.

Penina- Pearl; Hebrew
There are so many names out there that mean pearl and I always get excite to find new ones. Pearls are beautiful gemstones and are the birthstone of June. Penina is pronounced pen-EE-nah making me think of Nina.

Peninnah- Precious Stone; Hebrew
Peninnah is a biblical name from the Old Testament. I know that a lot of people don't think that there are a lot of girl names in the bible but I am always surprised to find more and more. I think Peninnah is a nice unique name that reminds me a lot of names like Hannah and Savannah.

Millicent- Strong, Work; German
Now I am sure you are wondering why Millicent and the next 3 names are on the list of nicknames for Penny. The penny is worth one cent and Millicent has the cent ending hence the nickname Penny. Whenever I hear about the name Millicent I hear a lot of talk about it being an old lady name but I feel like with Penny as a nickname more people could see the appeal in the name.

Vincentia- Feminine Form of Vincent (To Conquer)
If you are looking to honor a Vincent in your life I think Vincentia is a way to go. You have so many nickname options as well besides Penny, like Vinny, Tia, and Via.

Vincentine- Variant of Vincentia; French
Like Vincentia, Vincentine makes a great Vincent honoring name. It a great French name and French names always sound like Princess names.

Jacenta- Variant of Jacinta (Hyacinth)
Jacenta is a variant spelling of Jacinta, a beautiful name that is a variant of Hyacinthus. Hyacinthus comes from the name of the hyacinth flower. There's a lot of beautiful history behind this name.

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Monday, August 14, 2017


Over the last 2 weeks I have been brainstorming girl names that I am interested in to write about for this week's name of the week. None of the other names seemed to work and they also started with either an A or a W, which are what the last 3 names of the week started with. I try to be as diverse as I can not he blog so I started to shy away from A and W names which lead us to Odette! After that long, drown out explantation lets get to the name.

Currently, as of the 2016, Odette is not ranked in the top 1000 for girls and was given to just 78 babies. There are only two years that the name is actually ranked and that is 1899 at #967 and 1905 at #843. Because Odette is a French name I went and looked at the name data for France and found that Odette is also not ranked over there and hasn't been since 1977. 

Following World War II, people started to hear and see the name because of a brave French heroine named Odette Brailly. She gave information to the Allies risking her life and was captivated by the Germans. After it was all over she wrote a book that was later turned into a film, bearing the same name Odette in 1950. Before helping the Allies she was a nurse. 

Swan Name 
In 1877, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote the play Swan Lake and named the princess ballerina Odette. The play was turned into an animated movie in 1994 called The Swan Princess, a perfect depiction for children. And the most recent remake of the popular play was the film Black Swan in 2010 staring Natalie Portman.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Name the Class! {Monthly Name Game}

Its a new month which means a new baby name game! Since school is start for a lot of students this month I have a little school inspired name game for you. You are in charge of naming a whole class room of second graders! I will give you the surname of each student and you pick the first and middle names out of the 5 names listed. 

Teacher- Smith: Vera, Luna, Amity, Marigold, Trudy 

  1. Lopez: Rosamund, Maeve, Julie, Naomi, Robin 
  2. Jones: Erica, Ophelia, Audrey, Mae, Catherine 
  3. Wilcox: Harrison, Maxwell, Oliver, Dean, Eli
  4. Brown: Asher, Jack, Tobias, Adam, Harry 
  5. Robinson: Eloise, Adelaide, Stella, Zoe, Alice
  6. Hofman: George, Jacob, Isaac, Ryker, Callahan 
  7. Garcia: Emma, Phoebe, Iris, Evangeline, Jane 
  8. Pratt: Ezra, Francis, Arlo, Theodore, Archie
  9. Ramsey: Annabelle, Delilah, Charlotte, Faith, Sophia
  10. Downs: Nathaniel, Roman, Seth, Grayson, Peter
  11. Newton: Chloe, Rita, Juliet, Sienna, Poppy
  12. McDermott: Leo, Bennett, Gabriel, Jordan, Fletcher 
  13. Cummings: Celeste, Elizabeth, Ashley, Francesca, Plum
  14. Nazario: Jackson, Blake, West, August, Knox
  15. Hall: Willa, Aurora, Mia, Sadie, Lydia 
  16. O'Donnell: Julian, Atticus, Cove, Gregory, William
  17. Fitzgerald: Aria, Maren, Jolie, Veda, Isabelle 
  18. Rowe: Wyatt, Samuel, John, Cooper, Graham
  19. Porter: Brielle, Nova, Isla, Kinsley, Sage
  20. Brady: Marshall, Otto, Liam, Aiden, Nolan 

And here are my answers! 
Teacher: Vera Marigold Smith 
  1. Rosamund Julie Lopez
  2. Audrey Mae Jones
  3. Harrison Dean Wilcox
  4. Tobias Harry Brown 
  5. Adelaide Zoe Robinson 
  6. Callahan George Hofman 
  7. Evangeline Iris Garcia 
  8. Arlo Theodroe Pratt
  9. Delilah Faith Ramsey  
  10. Grayson Peter Downs 
  11. Poppy Juliet Newton 
  12. Bennett Fletcher McDermott
  13. Francesca Plum Cummings 
  14. Knox August Nazario 
  15. Sadie Willa Hall
  16. Atticus Cove O'Donnell
  17. Maren Jolie Fitzgerald 
  18. Wyatt Graham Rowe
  19. Isla Brielle Porter 
  20. Marshall Liam Brady 

Don't forget to play along in the comments! I would love to hear what combos you come up with! 

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